#Spektacular Nourishing Lipstick Ingredients: Shea Butter


Hi babies! Today we are writing about another #Spektacular ingredient used in our nourishing lipsticks, Shea Butter! Want to know what's so special about it, read ahead. 

Shea butter is popularly known for its healing properties. It is widely used for preventing and reducing stretch marks during pregnancy, weight gain and weight loss. The same healing properties keep the lips looking plump and healthy. 

Our matte and shimmer lipsticks have been infused with Shea Butter to give you a comfortable all day wear. This especially comes in handy in our True Matte formulation, as Shea Butter prevents the lips from drying out, unlike other matte lipsticks that cause drying and creasing.

Shea Butter also contains Vitamins A, E and F. Vitamins A and E are well known for their anti-ageing and moisturising properties. Vitamin F acts as a protector and rejuvenator, soothing rough, dry or chapped skin/lips.

This super versatile natural beauty ingredient has many other benefits too, read below to find out how else you can use Shea Butter on a regular basis:

  • It acts as a great cuticle cream
  • It's acts as a good under eye cream- reducing wrinkles and puffiness
  • Shea butter can be used to calm & replenish the skin after sun exposure 
  • Due to its healing properties, it can be used on scars to help collagen production
  • Shea butter can also be used as an eye makeup primer to help make the makeup last longer
  • Spekta lipstick containing Shea Butter can also be used as highlights and cheek tints!

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