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Wedding Edit- The Best Nail Polishes for your Bridal Trousseau

by Parul Bali 15 Sep 2021 0 Comments

Gorgeous nails are a treat for the eyes and an instant mood enhancer. And as a new bride with the upcoming festive season, you would definitely want to keep your nails looking flawless! We suggest regular stress-busting manicures and a carefully curated collection of Nail Polishes to come to the rescue in these must-have shades-

1. Golden Nail Polish for festivities

This versatile shade is obviously the first on our list of Nail Paints to include in your Bridal Trousseau! Gold never gets old.

 Golden nail polish

Our Galaxy Nail Effects- 14 Supernova is a stunning dull Gold Shimmer nail paint that has a bronze undertone. This shade is perfect for fair-medium-dark skin tones. It retails for Rs. 250/- and it's worth every penny! Great for festive outfits accessorized with Gold jewellery, Supernova by Spekta Cosmetics needs to be a part of any girl's vanity.

Shop here

2. High Shine Red Nail Polish to slay the weekends

In India, Red has been THE bridal colour to adorn for centuries! Even if your outfit isn't red, you can add some new-bride glam to your party/weekend looks by donning a shiny red nail paint.

Red Nail Polish

Try the Gel Shine Nail Polish- Señorita by Spekta Cosmetics that gives a 

chip-resistant, long lasting gel finish without having to visit the salon! This formulation is extremely opaque and has a high pay-off giving you full coverage in just one coat.

Shop here

3. A unique Flakie Nail Topper for big celebrations

Cocktails are the perfect time to enjoy the glitz and glamour we all crave for during the wedding season. And especially for a new bride, the glitzier, the better! Trust us, you'll enjoy this shade even if it's not your own wedding.

Andromeda Spekta luxury nail polish   luxury nail topper

Spekta Nail Effects- 16 Andromeda

is a clear Nail Topper embedded with gorgeous blue-green flakes. The perfect clear nail polish to top up on any shade, it gives you a high shine finish with a neon blue-green shimmer, making your nails look like they belong to a celebration!

Wear this as a top coat on your reds, pinks or goldens for the wedding or wear it on its own for a glamourous yet understated look. There is no going wrong with Andromeda!

Shop here

4. Muted Pink Matte Nail Polish for everyday glam

As a new bride you will be the centre of attention everyday! Why not accentuate  your elegance through some stunning muted tones of pink? Spekta Cosmetics' Velvet Matte Nail Polish- Butterfly is the shade to do it!

matte nails   

Retailing at just Rs. 150/- this little pot of the most beautiful mauve-pink is a steal.

It's a blushing nude pinkish brown shade that has a soft matte finish, perfect for a new bride.This quick drying nail polish lasts long to give you a hassle-free everyday wear.

Shop here.

5. High Shine Pink Gel Nail Polish for a Brunch with the girls

You've earned some TLC time with your girls after going through all stress and anxiety of your wedding festivities. Put on a cute, comfy-yet-glam outfit and pair it with our best-selling Gel Nail Polish- Earned It


It's a high-shine dusty pink Nail Polish that's an absolute must-have for every nail polish lover! This long lasting nail colour compliments all skin tones and is a no-brainer addition to your vanity. 

To get a gorgeous pink, plump and shiny nail finish, shop here.


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