Spekta True Matte Lipstick- Saucy (Red lip color)

Spekta True Matte Lipstick- Saucy (Red lip color)

Spekta True Matte Lipstick- Saucy (Red lip color)

“Put some red lipstick on and live a little!”

The matte lipstick collection from Spekta Cosmetics boasts of many statement lip shades that are created focusing on Indian skin tones. But any lipstick collection is incomplete without a beautiful red, or two! 

Saucy is a red lipstick that complements a large spectrum of skin tones, especially Indian skin tones. The lipstick looks great if worn with light makeup or even on a bare face with just some mascara.

Saucy contains the following key ingredients:

  • Vitamin E
  • Shea Butter

These ingredients help in locking in the moisture of the lips for comfortable all-day wear (up to 6 hours with no touch-ups).

This Saucy lipstick is also free from parabens and is vegan, which means you can use our products without any concerns or guilt!

This lipstick can transition into a show stopper when paired with Spekta Shimmer Lipstick-MVP, which is a nude gold shimmer (as shown in the picture on the right).

Saucy is one of those shades that is a must-have in every girl’s vanity. With a no-shine, true matte finish that lasts so long, it’s a no brainer to get your hands on this lipstick and make it a staple.

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